The good address for good addresses

Monika BŁttner Immobilien

Since 1989 a successful real estate agent and a good address with regard to the administrative management of property.

Our key aspects

  • assessment of the market value
  • intermediation of prospective buyers and prospective tenants
  • support service for properties
  • administrative management of property
  • advise with regard to financing and assurances

Our range

A selected variety of offers in the region Hegau-Bodensee.

Our mode of operation

We have realized the particular advantage of the internet. 50 % of our offers are being handled via Internet, 27 % via card index and 23 % via regional insertion.

Competence means assessment of a property in line with the market which is indispensable when making a sale.

Our company philosophy

No compromise with regard to quality, assessment, presentation, precise targeting and reliability. If and only if buyer and seller will be content even years after a successful deal, it was a good deal.